Lark Lurks by Joshua Vidal

Lark Lurks by Joshua Vidal


Domesticated Primate release DP005: Lark Lurks, a 100+ page illusory poem/collection of short works.

Author's Note: 'Lark Lurks' is a long-form poem written by Joshua Botelho under his pen name Joshua Vidal. This book will find readers diving head first into schizophrenia tinged illusion, short stories, dream sequences & heavy multi-syllable rhyming, pieced together over a few years across America. The initial debut announcement of Joshua's first published book also strangely featured a comment from Darby Slick of The Great Society, who wrote the Top 5 charting 1960's musical smash 'Somebody To Love'.

'Lark Lurks' also features collaborations with Grace Greco and cover art by John Steele.

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