Domesticated Primate is a small operation run by one individual and a few friends and collaborators who help to make it work—all who are very busy people with full-time jobs. We put out non-traditional work in small runs. This often requires small printing runs through a myriad of different avenues. This can result in unexpected complications. Considering this, we appreciate your understanding that sometimes there may be shipping or printing delays. We apologize for this, but it’s one of the hazards of being small and weird as we are.

As far as shipping is concerned, Domesticated Primate orders ship out monthly. If we are lucky, we get two runs out per month, but occasionally there may be only one. That means that if you order something on January 1st, it may not ship until up to three weeks later—and that is if everything is going swimmingly, which usually it does, but (as we said) sometimes it doesn’t.

Again, thank you for your understanding. We appreciate all of the support!

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