• Long-form fiction and creative non-fiction pieces

​            (minimum 30k words) 

  • Multi-media releases

              (book combined with music, film, visual art, etc)

  • Novella-length fiction for a split release with another author

           (maximum 26k words)

  • Long-form non autobiographical non-fiction piece

               (minimum 25k words)

  • ​Single author short story collection

​             (minimum 20k words)

  • Single author poetry collection 

               (minimum 12k words)

We are currently OPEN for submissions,

and are looking for (in order of primary interest:

​***Just because your idea for a release isn't listed here does not mean that we aren't interested in it.  ​​

Reach out to us in our CONTACT section and pitch your idea, we'd love to hear it.